March 22 2019

What’s a Cégep?

Located in Quebec City – #2 on the F50 List!

A Cégep is a 2-3 year college in Quebec, that usually functions like a feeder school to the larger universities. Though many of these campuses offer technical training programs also. Important to know, given that 27 of the Top 50 Forgotten campuses in North America are Cégep’s.

For more info about Cégep’s, watch this YouTube video…

Today’s focus is Cégep Garneau. From their website which you can view in French or English it says…

“Cégep Garneau is a public academic institution located in Quebec City. It welcomes about 6,000 students planning on university studies after a two-year study program or preparing for a place in the labour market after a three-year terminal study program.

Located in the heart of the capital of the Province of Quebec, the College is renowned for the quality of its professional training and for its rich academic tradition. The college campus stretches over several acres, encompassing various pavilions where a rich and fulfilling college life awaits the students on a human scale and where the different programs are offered. Abundant green spaces make for a very pleasant work-study environment. The academic year begins in mid-August and ends in mid-May. It is divided into two 16-week semesters (including an exam week), with a mid-session Reading Week in each.”

Learn more by going here…

Please pray for Robert and Sharon Pinkston, IMB Missionaries in Quebec City, and those they serve alongside, as they develop strategies to reach the Cégep’s of Quebec and the thousands of students who attend these forgotten colleges.

We are going after the one!

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