3 Minute Video Challenge

By Collegiate Week August 2020, we want to adopt and get boots on the ground in every Forgotten 50 Campus in North America. We want you to create a 3 minute or less video, using the following action steps:

Adopt a campus.


Get on the campus and make a 3 minute or less video about the campus following these instructions:


    • Video Components: 3 minutes or less, at least 1080p video quality.
    • Key things to have in the video: Spiritual climate of campus (does the campus have any Christian witness? Is it possible to start a Christian club? Any known believers? Any evangelical churches/ministries nearby).
    • Your team’s story (why are you adopting this campus?).
    • Your plan on reaching the campus.
    • Any personal stories or experiences involving the campus.


Upload the video to Google Drive and email us the link through our contact email.