Why are they forgotten? The students and university communities of smaller campuses are often overlooked, because of their small size and location. Such is the case for CEGEP DE SAINT-HYACINTHE #8 on the Forgotten 50 list. This innovative campus is located in the small town of Saint-Hyacinthe, population near 50,000, about an hour east of […]

Suburbia Montreal is Number 6 on the Forgotten Fifty Top 50 List

Located just south of downtown Montreal is the city of Longueuil Quebec. This city of close to 250,000 residents is the second largest suburb of Montreal and home to CEGEP EDOUARD-MONTPETIT. This campus is a large college of over 7000 students, that includes Canada’s National Aerospace Engineering school with over 1300 students, including dorms/residence that […]

Small University Campuses across Quebec need Jesus!

ECOLE NATIONALE D’ADMINISTRATION PUBLIQUE is a small University with sites in cities across the Province of Quebec. This Good Friday – Pray for Quebec! Pray for this Campus! If you want to be trained at a French speaking university, specifically in Public Administration at the Master’s or PhD level, then ECOLE NATIONALE D’ADMINISTRATION PUBLIQUE (ENAP) […]