October 18 2017

Will You Be a Part?

“No Father. No Husband. No Boss. No God.” This was spray painted on the wall outside the bathrooms at one of the Cegeps we visited (A small, three-year university in the city). While a single student had taken the time to craft this graffiti art, it stands to represent the ideology of an entire generation of Quebecois. A people bearing the scar tissue of religious and political oppression, they are left with a suspicion that God could 1.) exist and 2.) be called “Father”.

We arrived at HEC Montreal, another university, after a long trek across the city. Thankfully the public transit system put us only a few blocks away from the doorstep of campus, and though we were tired from a long day, everyone was sobered by our time there.

There is nothing gentle about the hatred for the Gospel on these forgotten campuses. While “dead in sins and trespasses” is the reality of life without Jesus in any context, at HEC Montreal, and the other campuses we visited, they were proud of their rebellion before God.

The real Jesus, the one we find in Scripture, is virtually unknown here. Read that last sentence again. The stakes are high, and the hour has come for us to take the light of Gospel Grace into places convinced that God is, at best, a concept to believe in, and at worst, an angry tyrant to be escaped.

Will you be part of it?

According to Revelation 7:9-10, God will draw people from every tribe, including the Quebecois, to himself. We will stand around the throne of God worshipping for eternity, and the terrifying/incredible truth is that he is choosing to use us to take the message of the Gospel to the Quebecois and beyond. I’m convinced there is nothing more mattering. We must commit to sending people, resources, and prayers to see these forgotten campuses reached. The question that remains: will you be part of it?

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