Choose a Campus

No single campus ministry or local church can tackle all of these campuses. It is a task for the collective Body of Christ in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission. So where do you start? We suggest grappling with these questions:


Where is God leading me?

Inevitably, as you pray for these campuses, God will quicken your heart for one or more of these campuses. When he does, focus there by researching all you can about that campus.

Is a Campus Similar to Yours?

Is there a campus near you that is similar in size (enrollment), classification (private, public, community college, commuter, residential), or curriculum (vocational, liberal arts, technical, professional) to one of the campuses on the list where you could experiment with mission methodologies?

Do you already have contacts?

Are there contacts you already have near any of these campuses that you could leverage in gaining access or even staging ministry? Might any of these contacts serve as a Person of Peace whom God has already placed for the mission?

Has God led you to choose a specific campus yet? Tell us about it: