$50,000 Forgotten50 Offering

What will it take to begin to reach the Forgotten50 campuses located in Canada? Someone to lead in sharing the gospel with students who have never heard. Through the Forgotten50 offering, you have the opportunity to join in sending Canadian believers to begin work on university campuses with the least access to the Gospel. Funds will be used to supplement the costs of Canadian campus ministers and interns, as well as outreach and evangelism efforts.


Campus and church collegiate ministries in the USA are challenged to join together to raise $50,000 to send Canadian missionaries to these campuses. In giving, you become a partner in the sharing of the Gospel, and in the making of disciples on these leased reached universities. All funds will be sent to the Canadian National Baptist Convention to be used to reach the Forgotten50 campuses. What can your collegiate ministry do to join in helping us reach the Forgotten50?


Help us take them off the Forgotten50 list!